April 10, 2006

Upcoming Guest Chefs at a Glance!

Upcoming Guest Chefs at a Glance:

****There Are Open Dates In ____________****

*As a guest chef, you start WFD for the week starting with the date listed.

*All of the start dates are MONDAYS.

*You may post the WFD the night before, especially if it's a timesaver for you.

*You will post WFD for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

*Saturday (or Friday night) you may post the What's For Eats This Weekend thread, which is just like WFD but includes the WHOLE weekend.

If you want to sign up for Guest Chef
signing up in the designated thread by clicking here.

I need your screen name (which will obviously show up in your post in the sign-up thread) and I would also like to include your first name. When you post, please be sure to let me know if there are dates that simply won't work for you (vacation, scheduled c-section, anticipated due date, heavy work schedule, etc).

I will continue to post the schedule here as well as on the sign up thread. Sometimes I even post a separate thread with the schedule, or will put it into the current Recipe Reviews thread.

In Violet: Already served as Guest Chef

In Green: Current Guest Chef

In Red: Scheduled to serve as Guest Chef

*****Only Guest Chefs for 2009 will be currently listed.****

Week Starting:

***updating weekend of 8/22/09***

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